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Born in Leverett, MA

Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA


I'm a multidisciplinary artist interested in exploring intimate human experiences, at close range, in the objects that surround us. I'm staunchly in support of preciousness, and my world is largely rendered with a concern for nurturing qualities of tenderness, distinctness, and the singular sense of belonging you feel when you find the right piece of artwork. 

I've taken note of the narrative out there that says art should be subversive to be meaningful, and meaningful to be worthy. —I believe that my art is subversive, but only in that it presents care-giving as fine art, and meaning as both subjective and irrelevant.


In 2020 I began work on a collection of bespoke, hand painted, textile wallcoverings—a project which is ongoing. In 2021 I released my debut coloring book The New Chinoiserie Coloring Book: Botanical, Animal, & Ceramic Motifs. It's a detail-packed collection of historically inspired artworks. 

My corporate client list includes: Netflix, Disney, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Variety, FX, Nike, Target, and NBC Universal. Examples of my commercial works are found at

To see creative work in progress, follow @art_kpsingh on Instagram

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